Angela Gerrard Art

This website design has been an ongoing project, the website is designed to promote and share the artworks of professional pastel artist, Angela Gerrard along with promoting her art classes and exhibitions and facilitating the online sale of her art supplies and gift ware range.

The website is very dynamic, with regularly changing content and my involvement with this website is ongoing as there are updates which need to be made on a regular basis.

This website has grown over time along with Angela’s brand and this is the third version of the website, each one being focused around the goals of the business at the time and expanding as Angela’s art business expands.


The initial design concept for this website was to create something very simple and minimalistic in design to support the regularly changing content and to let the artworks be the hero of the website and not be overshadowed or obfuscated by design assets. This proved to be a strong concept that has held up and through the use of a single accent colour, a strong design has still been achieved.

An example of the minimalistic style achieved through the website which allows the artwork to take centre stage across the site.

The website also had to include an online store. The store had to be flexible, easy to update, add and remove products from and simple for users to navigate and quickly purchase goods.

Because of the nature of this content, I built the website using wordpress and the woocommerce plugin, together these tools allowed me to easily integrate a system for the store to run on, allow for the dynamic nature of the content and integrate it with payment processing services. Using these tools also meant that I could trust the system as they have a strong reputation for security and privacy.

The online store which is integrated into the website is an essential part of the client’s business.

The final website continues to be well used and the client is happy with the result and the way it works for their business, proving to be a really effective tool which has become an essential part of Angela’s professional art practice.