This project was to create a brand for a startup business who’s vision is to reconnect city people to nature and inspire creativity in the workplace through a workshop around mindfulness, creativity and teamwork, all with links back to the natural environment.


The client for this project, from the outset had asked that the logo incorporate a leaf in some way so that is the direction I headed with the brand.

Before I began designing the visual Identity for the business I met with the client and created a brand strategy, assisting them in creating their vision and mission and helping them to understand what is unique about their business and what they can use as selling points to get their service into other businesses.

Brand Model – Note, some items have been blurred as they remain the clients sensetive intellectual property.

Once the brand model was in place I designed a logo and began further developing the brand.

CorporARTS Brandmark

I then furthered the visual identity, creating moodboards, photographic style, colours, typefaces etc.

Prints Festival Final Poster

Once the client was happy with their brand, I began creating applications for the brand.

CorporARTS Business Card

CorporARTS Word Cloud

CorporARTS Banner

CorporARTS Website