The Intime Collective

This website design was for a Melbourne startup which focused on reconnecting couples after the birth of a child. When I was asked to redesign the website for the business they were shifting their focus from sessions with individual couples to running workshops and seminars in the workplace and so rather than having a website which was client facing, they needed their website to be focused on a business to business sales model.

The goal of the redesign was to achieve a look and feel which was both professional and that reflected the brand and its values well. The client was also focused on making sure the design would do a better job of engaging users to interact and take action than their previous website which wasn’t driving their business or providing them many new leads.

With this in mind I designed a prototype of the website which I thought had a tone that better suited the business and it’s new business model and made sure there were plenty of calls to action throughout the website without it seeming to pushy and sales focused, the end result is a website design which is personal and friendly but professional and should support the business long term.

The website, with working prototypes of both desktop and mobile versions was designed in a two week period before being sent to a developer along with technical specifications.