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The Intime Collective


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Project Info


The brief for this project was to reinvent the original website for The Intime Collective to meet the needs of their new business focus. The startup launched on a Business to Consumer model and then pivoted to a Business to Business model. This brought on changes in their brand positioning, messaging and visual communications so a new website that reflected this new focus and could help attract business support was needed.


The solution to this brief was to focus on content delivery in a visually appealing way and make the core business and information for the brand stand out easily. One of the key differences between the old and new website was the messaging, as a consumer brand the message was strongly embedded in narrative whereas the business to business messaging was far more heavily embedded in data and statistical information to show why this solution was effective.

The main challenge of this design was to incorporate this key data in the website in an easy to digest way and without overwhelming the user with numbers and information.

The website’s tone also needed to change to appear more professional and credible than the previous tone which was very friendly and approachable.