Melbourne Markets Guide

This project took two forms, the first was to design a print publication and the second, to turn that into an interactive e-pub. I chose to create these publications on the topic of a guide to makers markets in Melbourne.

To begin the publication, I began researching the topic.

Topic Research and Moodboard for the publication

Layout, typographic, colour and photographic Ideation

Layout, experimentation

Once I had a clear vision for my design direction and style, I took photos at each of the markets I was including in the publication, wrote the copy and put together the final publication.

Final Print Publication

After completing the print publication, I created an interactive (e-pub) publication using the same content and style.

This was a big learning curve for me as I had never created an interactive publication before. After learning the basics of interactive publication design I began working on a plan for how my publication would work and quickly found myself feeling very restricted by the limitations of this type of interactions, having done a number of user experience and interface design projects where I was designing interactions for the web, I realised that all the possibilities for web interactions were not necessarily present when designing an interactive publication. Once I realised this though, I was quickly able to move on with a solid plan for the publication as I then started to just plan for the functionality I had, although pushing that functionality as far as I could in some cases to create a really smooth and flowing experience from the reader as they travel through my publication. 

I decided to use really slow, smooth interactions throughout the publication as the subject matter is something people will often do in their time off to take a break and just take their time to slowly wander through a market. I wanted that same feeling of slowly wandering through my publication to be present.

Final Interactive Publication