Moments Swinburne



Swinburne School of Design
and Architecture


  • Branding Design
  • Project Management
  • Website Design
  • Concept Proposal


  • Brand Guidelines
  • Gallery Visualisations
  • Project Proposal
  • AR Poster Designs
  • Website Prototype

Project Info


The brief for this project was to explore options for creating a gallery at Swinburne. The project was to identify and propose various options for what a gallery that showcases student and research work may look like and the types of exhibits it might include. The proposal should explore naming and branding the gallery.


The exploration of gallery concepts and formats throughout this project showed that in order to separate itself from the crowd of other university galleries, creating a technologically advanced gallery focusing on experience is the most powerful way to setup a Swinburne gallery that will draw an audience and give exposure to student and research work. 

AR Posters

Scan these posters in the Artivive app to activate them.