Swinburne Design Collective

The Swinburne Design Collective is a student run university club for design students. During my time at Swinburne I have been involved in the club, in 2018 as Events Manager and in 2019 as President. Both of these years the Swinburne Design Collective (SDC) won the club of the year award, something I was proud to be a part of enabling.

When I took on president in 2019, the club was in a unique position where we felt it was a good time to refresh our visual identity and brand to enable the club to be seen by students as a friendly, approachable, supportive and fun club to be a part of. As a result of this rebrand and a strong marketing strategy by our committee, the club more than doubled in size in 2019 and offered a range of unique and interesting events focused around design.

I was a key member of the rebranding team we put together, setting direction, running workshops and discussions around brand strategy and what it means to be a member of the Swinburne Design Collective, this strategy formed the basis of our brand and was an important step in the process as it clearly laid out the objectives we had as a club.

Our brand model was an important part of shaping our new image and identity.

Our new visual identity was focused on being fun and relatable to students, making our club seem approachable and knowledgeable as well.To achieve this we have used a number of bright colours and patterns along with bold typography across all of our designs.

After we had finalised our design concept I began working on our new club website, the website is an important tool for the club as it is used to communicate with our members about upcoming events and also to provide them with access to resources from our events such as presentation slides and information.