Typography Poster

The brief for this project was to design an A2 typographic poster for a festival about one of the five senses.

The sense allocated to me for this project was touch. Because of this I decided to name the festival prints, as our fingerprints are the things we leave behind with everything that we touch. A trail of everywhere we go and everything that we do.

I wanted to achieve a sense of texture in the poster, making it look like something you would want to touch. I also wanted to create a further connection to the sense that the design represents.

The first part of this process was creating as many thumbnail sketches for poster designs as I could in a short period of time.

Thumbnail sketches

I then selected some of the best options from the thumbnails and created them digitally to experiment and determine which designs work best for the poster.

Initial poster design experimentation

After selecting a design style I thought best worked for the poster, I refined it and created a final design. I feel this design represents the sense of touch well, has a textural look and the streaks through the letters represent fingerprints streaking across the page.

Prints Festival Final Poster