Youthrive Victoria

The design and development of this website are part of a larger rebranding project of a rural Victorian not for profit which supports rural youth in their education; ‘Macpherson Smith Rural Foundation’ into ‘Youthrive Victoria’.

I worked with the organisation on a number of projects prior to this but this was a really key turning point for the organisation which I was happy to be a part of. I was able to offer support through the strategy process, bringing both an understanding of the organisation and a design understanding to decision making for our brand strategy. After the completion of the strategy and selection of our new brand mark and visual identity I became more involved in the process consulting with the design team and staff to ensure we had all the assets we needed and that the new designs all represented the organisation. I also coordinated the planning, content, design and development of the new website.


I produced the video below for the organisation following the completion of the rebranding process to use in marketing the new brand identity, it provides insight into the design process we went through for the rebrand.

We worked with a branding agency on the project and under their guidance began implementing our new brand. One of my major roles throughout this process became coordinating the development of the new website for Youthrive Victoria, assisting in information design, user interface and experience design, as well as some
copy-writing and curating photography for the website.

Information design sitemap for the website

This project was completed on a very tight timeline and was a relatively large website to be producing over such a short period of just a few weeks. I had to be organised and efficient and design in a way that reduced workload as much as possible, making assets reusable and easy to implement across the whole site.

To begin designing and developing the website I worked from some basic mockups provided by the branding agency along with feedback on these mockups from our key stakeholders. I used these as a foundation as they represented the new brand well. I redesigned, updated, modified and refined the assets from the mockups with user experience factors and our target audiences taken into consideration. I also tried to ensure the design would work for all of our content, both static pages and dynamic content, such as key events that arise for the organisation throughout the year like key donation periods, scholarship application periods and leadership program openings. These were all factored into the design decisions made in developing the interface as well as coming up with a design that was simple to navigate, and worked across a number of screen sizes. The website also had to work in the confines of a WordPress system to facilitate easy updating by Youthrive Victoria staff.

Sample of the original mockups provided for the website.

While I was working through editing the mockups, I also looked at the accessibility of the site and made sure that the colours were compliant with WCAG AA Standards. To do this we had to modify our brand colours, developing a second set of colours that could be used in any web based applications.

Once I had refined the mockups, colours and worked with staff to select imagery I began to put the pages of the website together in wordpress. I worked iteratively to allow for changes to be made as we worked through the pages and meant that due to our tight timeframe content could be written concurrently with me developing the pages. It was a team effort to get the project across the line in time for our brand launch but the response to the website and feedback we have received has been astounding. While we continue to modify and update the website as needed, our audience has expressed to us many times that they love using the website and find it both user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.